Lunch at Han Lim Seafood Restaurant

Seafood Porridge for a change for lunch today. The restaurant is situated in Taman Midah, Cheras, Kuala Lumpur.

My friends and I decided to have some. The seafood there is really fresh and juicy. It is well cooked and I would definitely go back for another round. It is also reasonable. Five of us had lunch and we ordered fish, sotong, prawn and vegetable. The damage was only RM71.00.

Shang Har Noodle – 3 Big Prawns: cooked for 2 people

Half of a prawn

Fish Porridge – Grouper Fish to be exact : cooked for 4 people

Sotong, this is my favourite dish. The sotong is juicy, crunchy and the main thing, fresh.


Han Lim Seafood Restaurant
12, Jalan Midah 12
Taman Midah, Cheras
56000 Kuala Lumpur


Apam Balik Manis

This Apam Balik Manis is originally from Penang, done by the Indians. They use flour and sugar and add Durian, Nutella, ‘Sunnyside’ (Sweet Orange Creamy Kampung Eggs), Montel Bananas, Australian Cheese and many more as the filling.
Apam Balik Manis is actually thin, crispy pancakes.

I had the chance to try it at TTDI, Kuala Lumpur. The stall is situated in front of Devi’s Corner. 

Operational Hours: 
Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday
7.30pm – 12.20am

The Montel Banana Apam Balik Manis
RM2.50 per piece

RM2.50 per piece

Durian King
RM5.80 per piece
This was the reason that I decided to go and try this unique Apam Balik Manis. The durian is cold and sweet. Together with the warm and crispy apam balik it taste yummy!

~ That’s all Folks, More to come, Stay Tune ~