Taiwan Holiday: Taipei City – Last Day!

Last day in Taipei, we stayed in a hotel in XimenDing. It is a neighbourhood and shopping district in Wanhua District of Taipei. It the first pedestrian zone in Taiwan.

Visit the Taipei Zoo

Weather was really hot, did not get to see all the animals as they were taking shelter in a cooler place.

After the visit to the Taipei Zoo we took a MRT to Mengjia Longshan Temple. The temple was built in Taipei in 1783 by a Fujian settler. It served as a place of worship and a gathering place for the Chinese settlers who came from China mainland. The temple has been destroyed in a numerous earthquakes and fire.

During the World War II, May 1945 the temple was hit by the American bombers during the Raid on Taipei, who claimed that the Japanese were hiding military weapons and equipment inside the temple. The main building and the left corridor were damaged and many precious artifacts and artworks were lost and destroyed.

The Taipei residents have nevertheless consistently rebuilt and renovated it. Now Longshan Temple is seen as a symbolic Taiwanese architecture with a Southern Chinese.

The temple worships a mixture of Buddhist, Taoist and deities such as Matsu.

XimenDing Night Market

XimenDing Night Market has been called the “Harajuku” and “Shibuya” of Taipei. It is a source of Taiwan’s fashion, subculture and Japanese culture.

Taiwan Oyster Mee Sua famous stall at XimenDing Night Market. A very delicious noodle soup.

~ That’s all Folks, More to come, Stay Tune ~